Jacquelyn Smith

Finding Your Flow

You know that feeling when everything seems to kick into awesome mode and just flow? Tasks that were stilted and challenging suddenly become effortless and you feel like a genius. When you get in this state, nothing can stand in your way.


The problem is most of us (me included) just stumble into it. Eventually, we get distracted and it ebbs away, slipping from our grasp. So how can we track down and harness the elusive flow and get into the groove on command? Well, I’ve been trying a few things… Here’s what’s been helping me:


Visualizing the End Result


Most of the time, we focus on all the things we need to do to get the job done and get overwhelmed. Instead, try imagining yourself at the end of the day, feeling good about everything you accomplished and celebrating your success. See your tasks as if they are already done, and focus on how easy they were to complete, or maybe how you enjoyed yourself working on them.


If you can trick your brain into thinking you’ve already completed the task, it probably won’t seem as difficult when you actually do it.


Getting Your Body Moving


It’s hard to get excited or inspired if you’re just sitting around. I find even tidying my apartment in the morning gets my thoughts moving and helps stir me to action. Something as simple as taking a walk can give your ideas momentum. It’s also a perfect time to practice visualization.


Using Music to Get Inspired


Music can be such a powerful tool. I like to spend some time while I’m puttering around to listen to whatever will excite or inspire me. Sometimes, I’ll even put on some instrumental stuff while I’m writing to keep things going.


Scheduling It


When I started this blog post, I could barely get out the first sentence. It was in the afternoon, when I really start to feel like my creativity is running on fumes. I know I always feel more inspired first thing in the morning, so I set the post aside and came back to it later.


Now I’m writing it at a time when I know I have a better chance of feeling creative and here I am at the end of the post. :) Taking note of your peak creative times and taking advantage of them is probably the simplest tool of all.


How do you find your flow?

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