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Are you a multi-class hero?

When I grow up…


When you’re a kid, people always ask what you want to be when you grow up. And of course, kids give the craziest answers because they really have no idea yet. I can remember telling my parents one day that I wanted to be a doctor in the morning, a super hero in the afternoon, and a ballerina at night. When they asked me again the next day, I had already changed my answer.


While people usually find this constantly-morphing set of interests adorable in a child, they seldom tolerate it in an adult. Mainstream society tells us that people who don’t pick one area of specialization and stick with it are flakes who will never have the focus to succeed at anything.


The problem is that many of us don’t even know what we want to be when we grow up even now that we’re adults. Or maybe we want to do or be many different things. I’ve wanted to be a fantasy writer for a long time and now I’m fulfilling that dream, but I’ve gotten to a place where I’m starting to say to myself, “OK, this is great, but… I want to do other stuff too.” I’m not even sure what that ‘other stuff’ is yet. But it calls to me.


Multipotentialites unite!


I’ve always told myself I need to narrow my focus to one thing. I usually succeed for a while, as long as that one thing is new and interesting and I feel like I’m learning and growing. Eventually I get to a certain point of mastery and start to get really bored. I find myself having to decide whether I’m going to stick it out and be miserable or move on to something new that excites me and hope that it’s the one thing I’m supposed to be doing with my life.


It never occurred to me until I stumbled across Puttylike that my multiple interests were something to be embraced and used to my advantage. I discovered there are many people out there just like me. There is a whole community of those who label themselves as ‘multipotentialites’ or ‘scanners’.


The Multi-Class Hero


In retrospect, it’s weird I haven’t realized this about myself sooner. I love playing old-school, fantasy role-playing games on my PC, and I make my character a multi-class hero whenever I can.


I never want her to be just a fighter, but I want her to have decent fighting skills. Oh, and some magic? Yeah, throw that in there too. It could come in handy. Hey, I can give her cleric skills on top of that? Awesome.


I know, my fighter/mage/cleric character isn’t an expert at anything, but what she lacks in expertise, she more than makes up for in versatility. That means she can take on lots of different kinds of quests and monsters that a straight-up fighter might have problems with. Maybe it’s time I transferred that same way of thinking to my own life. (I guess all that gaming was educational after all. :P)


Where do you fit in? Are you an expert or a multi-class hero?

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