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Wayward Tribe

(See what I did there with the title? I feel so clever now. :P)


I tweeted about this a little while ago, but I just realized I never blogged about it… Last year, I started a basic newsletter to keep in touch with fans of my fantasy books. A little over a month ago, I started to ask myself, “What other cool stuff can I add for my loyal readers?”


There are so many free subscriptions out there, I wanted people to feel like mine was really worth joining. So I added a private page to this site where members can access stuff that’s related to my books and isn’t available anywhere else.


Tribe Member Benefits:

  • Newsletter updates, including:
    • Book news and updates
    • Giveaway announcements
  • Exclusive access to:
    • Paperback discounts
    • Discounted ebook bundles
    • Sneak peeks of maps, excerpts, covers, trailers, etc. for my current book projects
    • Other awesome stuff (TBD. Suggestions welcome!)


Becoming a tribe member is free and your contact information will remain private. All you need to do is fill in the form below and you’ll get hooked up with a password through the newsletter subscription process.


I’m planning on sending a newsletter update next week, and I already have some fun stuff to share (both book news and tribe benefit related). So if you want to be in the loop, make sure to join now. 😉


I look forward to hearing from you!


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2 thoughts on “Wayward Tribe

  1. James Garcia Jr

    Hi, Jacqui. Thanks for the opportunity to get in on the secret stuff!
    Okay, let’s see. How about a personal recorded phone message on fan’s birthdays? Or flying out one lucky winner to have lunch with you where you reveal the plot of an upcoming novel in progress. It could be like when Carly Simon revealed to one lucky fan the identity of the person who inspired her hit, “You’re So Vain”? :)


    1. Jacquelyn

      LOL, those are some great ideas! I don’t think I quite have the budget for flying anyone anywhere at this point, but who knows what could happen down the road? 😉

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