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Storm Rider: Cover, Trailer, and Update

So I skipped out on writing a blog post last week in favor of focusing on the first draft of Storm Rider. As you can see from the snazzy progress widget in the sidebar, I’m finished! (You might have heard me bragging about it online last Friday…) It took me exactly two months to write, which is faster than I’ve ever written a novel before. Right now, it’s 113,000 words long.


I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and I’m excited to share it with you as soon as it’s ready. (More on that a little further down the page…)


Storm Rider Cover


Thus far, all of my covers for the Lasniniar series have been designed by the lovely Robin Ludwig. Since the look of the series has been firmly established, and I love to play in Photoshop, I decided to design the cover for Storm Rider myself. I tried to emulate the style of the other covers as closely as possible. I think it turned out pretty well:

[Click image to view full size. To view stock image credits, click here.]


Storm Rider Book Trailer


I know, not everyone is into the whole book trailer thing. (And I’ve seen some pretty, uh,  ‘interesting-looking’ ones that justify this opinion.) But I love making them! It’s just too much fun for me to pass up.


What’s next?


Well, I’m taking a couple of weeks off from Storm Rider to give myself a mental break and come back with a fresh perspective. I’m using the time to take care of some of the administrative tasks I’ve got kicking around, and refresh my online platforms. I’m also fleshing out some upcoming writing projects I have planned.


Starting in July, I’ll be working on revisions. I’m hoping to release Storm Rider in September.


In the meantime, I’ve created extended excerpts for Light Chasers and Soul Seeker in ebook format (mobi, ePub, and PDF). You can check out the first three chapters of both Lasniniar novels for free, right on your computer or ereader device.


I’ll be releasing an extended excerpt for Storm Rider as well, in advance of the full book release. Tribe members will get first dibs on these files before I release them publicly. So, if you’re not a tribe member yet, and you want to stay in the loop, you might want to join now. 😉 (It’s totally free.)


Hope you enjoy the cover and trailer!

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2 thoughts on “Storm Rider: Cover, Trailer, and Update

  1. James Garcia Jr

    Wow, Jacqui! I’m very impressed with your work. Two months? You’re the total package, aren’t you?!? The cover looks great, by the way!
    I was talking to someone on Twitter this morning about this very thing… One day we’ll have staff to handle all of this. Then all we have to do is approve the work or have them go back and try again. One day, right?
    Talk to you soon,


    1. Jacquelyn

      Thanks, Jimmy!

      Oh, man, I dream of the day when I’ill be able to afford to outsource the bulk of the publishing side. (Book formatting definitely comes to mind… I’ve spent a few hours prepping template files for Storm Rider already.) Luckily, I do enjoy the artsy stuff, like cover design and trailer making.

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