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Signed Paperbacks, Digital Extras & More: Storm Rider Indiegogo Campaign


So, I was totally inspired by the crazy success of authors like Lindsay Buroker and Jordan Stratford on Kickstarter, and thought I would try it out myself. I brainstormed cool stuff to give away, did a write-up… only to discover it’s virtually impossible to launch a Kickstarter campaign unless you are a US resident.


From what I can figure out, this is due to their connection with Amazon Payments. Apparently, Amazon Payments has no problem taking my money when I decide to back a project, but funds don’t seem to flow the other way for people outside the US. Weird.


Indiegogo to the rescue!


Like Kickstarter, Indiegogo is a crowd funding site. Independent authors and other creative types offer goodies in exchange for financial backing to raise the funds needed for their project. Each project has a financial goal and a deadline.


Unlike Kickstarter, Indiegogo is open to pretty much everyone. They also offer the option to run a Flexible campaign. This means the artist will receive all funds raised (minus Indiegogo’s cut, and transaction fees), regardless of whether they reach their goal. This option also allows supporters who don’t have a Paypal account to pledge with their credit card directly (and securely) on the site.


I know a lot of people already have a Paypal account, but I felt like it was probably a good idea to go with the Flexible option to also open up to those who don’t, and want to pay direct.


There is a catch, of course. If you don’t reach your goal with the Flexible option, Indiegogo’s cut more than doubles. I’ve really tried to keep my goal modest, and (hopefully!) achievable.


So, what’s the campaign?


The first draft of Storm Rider is complete, and I’m about to start working on revisions. While I can  do a lot of the publishing side of things myself to save money (cover design, book trailers, formatting, etc.), there are still expenses that need to be covered, like professional proofreading, starting inventory for the paperback version, copyright registration, extended paperback distribution, and so on. I’ve covered these expenses out of pocket for my previous books, but it can really add up. O_O


I’m looking at this as an opportunity to offer some cool perks to my readers in exchange for financial support. It’s also a chance for me to connect with you, and for you to become a part of the Lasniniar series.


What perks you get depends on how much you pledge. There are ebooks, signed paperbacks, digital extras, and more to be sent out when the campaign is over, and Storm Rider is ready to go. You can even name a character in an upcoming Lasniniar book! If you have any ideas for perks you would like to see that aren’t already listed on my campaign page, let me know. 😉


Every little bit helps. Even sharing the link to my campaign to give it more exposure would be appreciated. And if we do manage to go over my goal, (which would be beyond awesome!), rest assured the extra funds will go toward upcoming books in the Lasniniar series.


You can check out all the details, and make pledges on my campaign page.


Thanks for reading! I really appreciate your support. :)

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