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Making my spell check angry: The Kreativ Blogger Award


The lovely Aniko Carmean has nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award! I only met Aniko recently, but I’m already loving her blog, and I’m super-flattered she nominated me. You can check her out at The Happy Horror Writer, and follow her on Twitter at @anikocarmean. Her posts are honest, insightful, and supportive, and her blog seems to be a great hub for interacting with other speculative fiction writers. If you’re a horror fan, you can also check out her novel, Stolen Climates, or join Team Aniko to get free swag. 😉


Here’s the lowdown on how the award thing works:

  1.  Mention the person who nominated you, and link to her blog. –>Check!
  2. Post seven things about me that readers might not know.
  3. Nominate seven other bloggers for the award.


I’m going to follow Aniko’s example, and spread steps two and three over separate posts. (Meaning one thing about me and one nominee per post.) I want to avoid a boring bullet point list, and I also want some time to mull over nominees so I can make them count.


Ready for the first one? Here we go!


What you might not know about me: Part 1

Life and Death

I always feel weird and awkward when people want to know more about me. Am I really an interesting person? I don’t know… All I can say for sure is that my life started off on a fairly interesting note: I was born dead.


Somehow, I got tangled up, and my breathing got cut off. The doctor had to pull me out with forceps, and rush me off to a pediatric cardiologist to try to revive me. I went well beyond five minutes without oxygen to the brain. When I finally did come back, it was determined I had likely sustained severe brain damage.


Long story short, I somehow seem to have turned out OK, which is pretty awesome… In fact, I ended up doing really well in school, and was often at the top of my class. (Pretty good for someone who was supposed to have severe brain damage!)


I have a theory my whole birth/death situation might have something to do with my interest in reincarnation (which plays a big role in my Lasniniar series), but that’s probably a post for another day…


My biggest takeaway is trying to remember that no matter what I accomplish in life, I’m already way ahead of the game, because I’m not even supposed to be here. (I’m really hard on myself, so this can be difficult for me to keep sight of most of the time.) I also have a big appreciation for people who go through life mentally challenged. I can’t help but think I should have ended up the same way. I have no idea why I didn’t, but I’m extremely grateful for it.


Do you have a life moment or event that has changed or defined you?


Kreativ Blogger  Nomination:

My first nomination is going out to James Garcia Jr.! (I always call him ‘Jimmy Raisin’ when mentioning him to my husband, because he works at the Sun–Maid raisin plant. 😉 )

Jimmy is the mutual friend that brought Aniko to my blog’s doorstep. He’s another positive, supportive horror writer. (Honestly, who knew horror writers were such a cheerful, friendly crew? :P) He’s a crazy-busy guy (way busier than me, anyway), but somehow he manages to write, blog, and connect with all his fans and writer friends. He’s up-front about the ups and downs of his writing process, and his posts really seem to bring people together. You can connect with him on his Dance on Fire blog, or on Twitter at @danceauthor.


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4 thoughts on “Making my spell check angry: The Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. James Garcia Jr

    Jimmy Raisin’? Ugh!! 😉
    Hello, Jacqui. How’s the weekend treating you and yours?
    Thanks for thinking of me. I will attack this, but will give you a special extra answer right now. One time while I was working at Sun Maid, and much younger, I was whining about some injustice there. Because of this, a few of the ladies began referring to me as Jimmy-Sue. *waits for laughter to subside* One would think that I would want to take a name like that to the grave; however, compared with ‘Jimmy Raisin'”… I think you see where I’m going with this. :)

    Again, thanks for the thought. Hey, just don’t call me late for dinner, right? Lol.

    -Jimmy Sue

    1. Jacquelyn

      LOL, sorry! My husband sometimes has a hard time keeping track of my online writer friends when I talk about them. This is how our conversations go:

      Me: I was talking to Jimmy today…
      Him: Jimmy who?
      Me: Jimmy, the horror writer guy.
      Him: You mean Jimmy Raisin?
      Me: Uh, yeah, sure.

      I do the same thing to his friends that I don’t know. He used to work at Anytime Fitness, so his co-workers all got ‘Anytime’ tacked in front of their names in my mind as a point of reference. (Anytime Mike, Anytime Tracy, etc.) Not all of them were fans of the idea when they found out… 😛

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