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My New Cafepress Store: Lasniniar gear is here!


I’ve had this idea kicking around to put together some designs based on my World of Lasniniar series. I thought it would be fun to create shirts, journals, and other stuff with Barlo or Iarion on them.


While I was waiting to get my manuscript for Storm Rider back from the proofreader, I started sketching and fiddling around with Photoshop, came up with a few starting designs, and created an online shop. Here’s what I have so far:


Iarion and Barlo



The tagline I decided on for Iarion and Barlo was ‘Keep calm; adventure on.’ I also created both Light Elf and Shadow Elf versions of the Iarion design. And of course, I just had to create a Barlo stein and an Iarion flask. 😛

Barlo items

Light Elf Iarion items

Shadow Elf Iarion items



The Quenya Tree


For this one, I drew an outline of the massive tree that houses the Quenya and filled it with a related excerpt from Soul Seeker.


Quenya Tree items






Lasniniar Logo

I wanted to come up with some kind of symbol to represent the series. I liked the idea of a circle to symbolize the cycle of rebirth. I was doodling a vine circle, and realized if I positioned the trailing end a certain way, it would also look like a ‘Q’ for Quenya. (Win!)


Lasniniar Logo items




Ralvaniar Map


So far, I’ve only created a Ralvaniar map design. I have plans to add a Lasniniar map design as well, but this probably won’t be until I put out Wave Runners (the planned sequel to Storm Rider), since I will be adding another two new areas to Lasniniar for that book. By then, I should have a more complete map shape to work with.

Ralvaniar Map items



That’s it for now. I might add more designs going forward, but I’m not sure yet. Tribe members also have access to a sister shop that carries Tribe merchandise and the occasional planned sale of items from my main Lasniniar shop. 😉


If you’re checking out either shop, and have an idea or request for a design or item you would like to see, let me know!


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2 thoughts on “My New Cafepress Store: Lasniniar gear is here!

  1. aniko

    The vine trailing to look like a “Q” is perfect! I love it when happy accidents bring me exactly what I was looking for, especially when I couldn’t dream it up using pure logic. It feels good when that happens.


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