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Storm Rider Paperback Release

Storm Rider paperback


It was a bit of a struggle this time, but Storm Rider is now out in paperback. I had a weird glitch during the first round of proofing that messed up some of the text, but the helpful people at CreateSpace looked into it, and all is well now. :)


There are two options for buying Storm Rider in paperback:


Amazon.com | $15.95 + shipping


Private Tribe Page | $13.95 + shipping


If you join the tribe (which is free), you will get access to a Createspace coupon code. (Createspace is the paperback self-publishing arm of Amazon.)


Thanks again to the awesome peeps who supported my Indiegogo campaign and made this possible! Also, thanks to everyone who entered the Storm Rider Goodreads Giveaway.


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2 thoughts on “Storm Rider Paperback Release

  1. aniko

    Congratulations on the paperback release!

    I’m really impressed by your style and how you manage do everything publishing and marketing related with such style. Unique merchandise, the Tribe, trailers, e & print books… You do it all, and I’m in awe.


    1. Jacquelyn Post author

      Thanks, aniko! :)

      I don’t really think of myself as much of a marketing person… I’m just a bit of an obsessive workaholic. :/ (It does help that I love playing in Photoshop though, so stuff like design and trailers don’t seem so much like work.)

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