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A New Tale of Lasniniar: Bond Forger now available


Shortly after finishing Storm Rider, I had an idea for another Lasniniar novelette that would cover some loose ends. This ended up being Bond Forger, which I’m calling Book 2.5 in the series. In addition to bringing back some familiar faces, it introduces a new character, who will also appear in the forthcoming novel, Wave Runners.


This is the last shorter Lasniniar piece I have planned to release as a numbered part of the series. (I do have another trick up my sleeve though. More on that in two weeks… Or you can just check out the new Legends of Lasniniar page. ;))


I’m planning to eventually bundle Bond Forger with Legacy Hunter and Shadow Stalker in both ebook and paperback format, but I probably won’t get around to it until the new year. In the meantime, here’s how you can get a copy of Bond Forger:


Major Ebook Retailers


Tribe | $2.99 FREE!


During the month of October, Bond Forger will be available for free to Tribe members via the private Tribe page. If you aren’t a member yet, check out all the great stuff you’re missing out on. The Tribe is free to join. 😉


Product Description


Secrets can be heavy burdens. Barlo has been carrying his for years.


Frustrated and restless, he seizes a chance at freedom by taking his father’s place as envoy to the exiled clans of Dwarvendeep. But he soon learns their tenuous allies have a secret of their own…


This 12,000 word fantasy novelette takes place shortly after Storm Rider, and includes an excerpt of Wave Runners. (Forthcoming.)


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