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New Upcoming Project: Legends of Lasniniar

Whenever I write pretty much anything, I do a fair amount of work beforehand on world building and character backstory, so I have a good feel for my characters’ motivations, and the circumstances that lead to where the story begins. This means I usually have lots of notes and ideas floating around that go beyond what ends up getting published…


The Plan:


I thought it would be fun to explore these loose-end ideas in a regular publication that focuses on the World of Lasniniar Series. That way, fans of the series can have access to new material each month while I continue to work on longer projects.


Each issue will contain one story, usually in the novelette range (7,500-17,500 words). These stories will include familiar characters from the Lasniniar Series that have already been introduced, as well as some new ones, and will take place across various points in time. They will explore origin stories, character back stories, historical events of Lasniniar’s history, and some will just be pure adventure fun. 😉


How it Works:


Individual issues will be available from the major ebook retailers and this site for $2.99 each. A one-year subscription is also available exclusively through this website:


Electronic Subscription | $20.00


  • Includes 12 issues of Legends of Lasniniar
  • Only costs $20/year. You save 44%.
  • Early access to each issue, up to one month before it goes on sale on this site, or anywhere else.
  • Bonus 13th issue, available to subscribers only.
  • Every 13th issue includes the ongoing adventures of a new Lasniniar character, who does not appear in any non-subscription publication.
  • The opportunity to submit your questions/requests/demands to the author (me), or my characters. Answers will be posted in forthcoming issues.


Electronic + Paperback Subscription

$30.00 (US & UK) | $35.00 (Int.)


  • Includes everything from the Electronic Subscription above.
  • Also includes a single volume, exclusive paperback version of all 13 issues released during the publication year that you subscribed. (November through October + Bonus Issue.)
  • Bonus ebook version of all 13 issues released during the publication year that you subscribed, all in one volume.  You can read it while you wait for your paperback to arrive, or share it with a friend.


Important Dates:

November 15th: First issue sent out to subscribers

December 15th: First issue will start to appear on major retail sites


Current Status:

The first several issues are already written; I just need to format them. And for anyone who’s interested, the first issue will be a Barlo and Iarion adventure. (Actually, ‘misadventure’ might be a better word in this case… :P)
Want to subscribe? Click here.

Want more details? Check out the new Legends of Lasniniar Page.

Have questions? Here’s the FAQ.


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