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Happy Holidays: Legends of Lasniniar Now Available from Amazon and Smashwords

I call this one 'blissful jazz hands'. :P (From a previous Christmas dinner.)

I call this one ‘Blissful Jazz Hands.’ 😛 (From a previous Christmas dinner.)


So just to recap, a little over a month ago, I launched a monthly publication based on my World of Lasniniar series. The first issue went out to subscribers on November 14th.


I originally called the publication Quenya Tales, but just as I was launching the first issue for individual purchase this past weekend, I decided to change the title to Legends of Lasniniar. I feel like it’s a better branding choice because it will create a stronger bond with my existing Lasniniar titles.


Now the first issue of Legends of Lasniniar is available on this website, Smashwords and Amazon, with other major ebook retailers to follow.


If you’re interested in the subscription model (which would save you 44% over buying each issue individually), feel free to check out the subscribe page. Becoming a subscriber also comes with other perks, like a bonus 13th issue, and the chance to submit questions for me or my characters. 😉


If anyone had asked me a year ago whether I would consider putting out a new Lasniniar novelette every month, I would have thought the idea was crazy and completely out of my comfort zone. I always used to be terrified I would run out of ideas of things to write about. The funny thing is, the more I write, the more ideas I get…


Anyway, I’m currently working on some upcoming issues, and then I hope to settle into a longer project for a little while. I’ll be taking the next couple of weeks off from blogging to focus on writing and dealing with Christmas madness.


I hope you have an awesome holiday, and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year!


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2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays: Legends of Lasniniar Now Available from Amazon and Smashwords

  1. James Garcia Jr

    Hmm? I think you should have used that photo for one of those fill in the caption games or something. What were you drinking that night exactly? *grins*
    December is one of my favorite months due to the season, but not for the writing part of me. It just makes the month too crazy, don’t you agree? Whoever thought to put the NaNo craziness up against Christmas wasn’t thinking clearly… *laughs*
    My friend, I wish you and yours the very best. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Cheers, Jacqui! *waves*

    1. Jacquelyn Post author

      Sorry for the late reply!

      Yeah, I didn’t get a ton of writing done during December. (Or November either, for that matter. Why NaNo falls in November is a mystery to me too.) I’m gearing up to get back to the keyboard now though. January should be a more productive month.

      Thanks for the Christmas wishes. I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday! :)

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