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Two New Titles Available: Barlo’s Tales & Legends of Lasniniar Issue 2 (The Vow)

Barlo's Tales -- A Lasniniar Collection


Over the holidays I managed to putter around and get some book formatting done. This means I now have a new collection out in addition to the monthly issue of Legends of Lasniniar.


Barlo’s Tales

I think I had mentioned a while ago that I was planning to put all three of the Tales of Lasniniar into a single volume collection, and I finally got around to it.


Barlo’s Tales is now available for $5.99 (a savings of $2.98 over buying each Tale separately).

Update: Starting June 2013, Barlo’s Tales will be coming down from the major retail sites to become an exclusive tribe collection. Not a member? Check out the benefits here.

Product Description:

Who says a sidekick can’t be a hero in his own right?

Whether it’s ogre slaying, mystery solving, or keeping Iarion out of trouble, Barlo is always up for an adventure. Finally the gruff but endearing dwarf gets the recognition he deserves in this collection of three Lasniniar novelettes:

Legacy Hunter
Shadow Stalker
Bond Forger

Purchase of this 33,000 word collection includes an excerpt of the first issue of Legends of Lasniniar, which also features Barlo.


Legends of Lasniniar: The Vow


Promises are easy to make; the only hard part is keeping them.

Journey back to Ralvaniar to the time of dragons, demons of blood and fire, and the Sea Folk to learn the chain of events that brought two kindred spirits together, and set the destiny of the elves in motion.

This 8,600 word fantasy novelette adventure takes place just before Light Chasers in the World of Lasniniar Series.
The Vow is available from the following sites with more retailers to follow:

Amazon | Smashwords



“I’m so glad you came!” Rasnialfia said as she approached.

Nimrilwyn smiled. “Of course.” Even though she had been friends with Rasnialfia for years, she still found it difficult to speak the Elven Tongue. It made her feel stilted and awkward.

Rasnialfia held out the bundle for her to see, her face beaming. “This is Valanandir.”

The elf infant swaddled in the blanket had the same dusky skin color that the Sea Folk and all elves shared. A smooth cap of silver locks covered his skull and framed his tiny face, curling slightly around his pointed ears. He opened his eyes with a yawn. They were the same silver as his mothers. He flailed a small fist in the air and smiled.

Nimrilwyn had no interest in having offspring of her own, and normally babies held little appeal for her. But when she looked at Valanandir, she felt a connection, which surprised her. She was often given flashes of intuition, but she didn’t know what this strange feeling meant. She hid her reaction, and gave Rasnialfia a smile.

“He is lovely.” She hoped it was the appropriate thing to say. She had heard other females say such things to new mothers before. They also tended to make ridiculous cooing sounds, which Nimrilwyn had no interest in imitating.

The Sea Elf positively glowed. “Isn’t he? Sinvanyar is so proud to finally be a father.”

Rallavalan remained mute during the exchange, giving the child a look of askance. He refused to speak the Elven Tongue. Nimrilwyn ignored him.

“Neither of you will be leaving the island for some time, I am guessing,” she said.

“You’re probably right,” Rasnialfia said with a rueful smile. “Not with this little one to take care of. I will miss all the adventure, but other Sea Elves will fight the dark creatures in our place. Perhaps when Valanandir is older…”

At that point, Valanandir made a happy burbling sound in her arms, prompting his mother to shower him with kisses. Behind her in the water, Nimrilwyn heard Rallavalan snort in disgust. She slapped her fluke against the surface without turning to look, splashing him.

“Will you still escort my people when they go to battle?” Rasnialfia asked once she managed to tear her attention away from her son.

“Yes. The demons are no friends of ours, and none of the Folk have spoken against supporting the Sea Elves.” Even though Nimrilwyn was Speaker for the Folk, her people did nothing unless all had agreed to it first.

“I know things will not be the same now that I have a family, but promise you will still visit me?” Rasnialfia gave her a pleading look. “I don’t want us to drift apart.”

Nimrilwyn gave her a reassuring smile. “I promise.” The wind picked up, ruffling the baby’s blanket.

“I had better get him back inside. He’s almost due for his feeding anyway. I’m sorry I can’t stay any longer…” Rasnialfia gave her an apologetic look.

“I understand,” Nimrilwyn said. If the baby was hungry, he would likely start crying soon, and she had no desire to be around for that. “I will visit again.”

Rasnialfia reached down to squeeze her hand. “Thank you. I had better get going. Good-bye, Nimrilwyn. Good-bye, Rallavalan!” She made a point of waving to him. Rallavalan gave a halfhearted wave in response.

Nimrilwyn watched her go with a pang of sadness. For better or worse, she knew her friendship with Rasnialfia had changed. She would miss the way things had been before Valanandir had come along.


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