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Rethinking My Social Networking Strategy

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I’ve always struggled with the whole social networking thing. In case you’ve missed the memo, I’m a total introvert. I barely even post on my personal Facebook profile… But social networking is one of those things you’re supposed to focus on when you’re a writer (especially when you’re self-published), so I’ve been slogging along.




I don’t have a problem with all of it. When I think about it, my main problem seems to be Twitter. I’ve always had to force myself to log in there. Part of the problem is that I rarely feel like I have anything pertinent/interesting to say. The rest is sheer overwhelm—too many people, all tweeting at the same time, non-stop. I just can’t handle it. I’ve tried Tweetdeck, lists, etc. I think the problem is I don’t want to handle it. If I weren’t an author, I wouldn’t even have an account there.


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made connections with some great authors on Twitter, and I plan to continue to follow them on their blogs and/or Facebook. But I feel like Twitter has become an albatross around my neck. I dread logging in, and it takes away from valuable writing time. So if you’re one of those people I used to talk to on Twitter, it’s nothing personal.




I plan to continue blogging, although it’s a challenge when you’re a fiction writer. (Those lucky non-fiction writers can just blog about their area of expertise. ;))


I’ve struggled to find my voice on the blogging platform. At first, I posted self-publishing tips and tricks, but that’s not going to attract actual fantasy readers who might be interested in my books. (Not to mention there are tons of sites that already cover that kind of thing.)


Now I post my book updates, and anything else I think might connect with people who are trying to find their own path or follow their dreams. I basically write about whatever has been on my mind recently. I don’t know whether other people find these posts interesting, but if nothing else, they help me to organize my thoughts and look at things from a fresh perspective.


I don’t know whether I’ll have something new to say each week, but I’ll try to stay consistent.




This is where I need to improve. While Twitter has been mostly writer connections for me, Facebook is where I get approached by actual readers. (Yay!)


I want to keep the ball rolling by posting on my Facebook Page more often. I’m not talking about a bunch of obnoxious promotional posts. I mean more of a regular checking in to share fun/cool/interesting stuff, provide updates, chat, or just be myself.


It will take a bit of effort for me to get in the habit of this at first, but I think it will be worth it, since my readers are the people I’m most interested in connecting and keeping touch with. Yes, I have a couple of newsletters (which will continue on a monthly basis), but those are more of a formal, one-way communication. Facebook is more interactive and spontaneous.




Who is even on Google+ these days? I only ever see other writers on there, and even then, not that many. I gave up on my account a while ago. At first, it seemed like Google+ was going to be a big deal, but it sort of fizzled out.



So that’s the plan. Hope to hear from you soon!

How do you keep in touch online? What social networks do you use?



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2 thoughts on “Rethinking My Social Networking Strategy

  1. James Garcia Jr

    Hello, Jacqui. *big uncool waves* Who am I kidding? All my waves are cool! *laughs*
    Can you tell how terribly behind in blogging I’ve become? *sigh* I use all of the networks that you mentioned, but only for hit and run visits, I’m afraid. I used to rely on Twitter until my follow app was taken down. I rarely do anything on Google + other than to post stuff. Just keeping my bases covered, don’tcha’ know. In fact, these days I am trying to write first and leave the social networking until the end of my day – which very often means it getting cut.
    It’s sad. I miss my pals. However, with my limited time, the writing has to be the focus for now.
    I hope you’re well, my dear friend. Take care.


    1. Jacquelyn Post author

      *waves back*

      I totally understand. If you want to succeed, the writing HAS to come first. All the networking stuff is fine if you enjoy it and have the time, but I think a lot of us use it to make it feel like we’re being productive, when it’s not the most effective thing we could be doing.

      Hope the writing is going well!

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