Jacquelyn Smith

When Random Stuff Makes Your Day

bluth business card


So much of our life involves moving from one task to the next. Unfortunately, a lot of that blundering around means becoming collateral damage. We get stuck behind annoying people in line at the store (you know, the ones who have to argue about the price of something, or just complain about the world in general, completely oblivious of the long line behind them), traffic is a mess, and just before you’re about to save the big project you’re working on, your computer crashes.


It’s so easy to get stuck on these annoyances. After all, who bothers to remember all the times they went through the checkout line without a hassle? But every once in a while, some small event occurs that brightens your entire day. Maybe it’s hearing from someone you haven’t seen in a while, finding money on the ground, receiving a compliment, or someone lending you a hand without being asked.


In my case, it was finding a Bluth’s Frozen Banana business card. (Seriously, how awesome is that?) If you haven’t watched Arrested Development, you probably have no idea why this business card made me so happy, but it did. It was so completely random and funny to me. I don’t know if it was left lying around on purpose, or if someone had dropped it, but made my day. I kept showing it around to share the joke. Not very many people knew what the heck I was talking about, but it didn’t matter.


I keep the card in my wallet, so every once in a while, I stumble across it while I’m looking for something else, and it makes me happy all over again. It just goes to show how something small can have a lasting impact on someone else’s happiness. With hardly any effort, we have the power to brighten the lives of the people around us.



What kind of random occurrences have brightened your day?



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