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What I’ve Been Working On: Wave Runners & Other Updates

So I’ve been pretty quiet online lately. This isn’t just the result of my extreme introvert tendencies—I’ve actually been working on stuff.


Wave Runners

I’m currently in the first draft phase of this next Lasniniar novel. The plan is to have it ready for an August release.

I’ll also have a book trailer and excerpts to share over the next couple of months. In the meantime, here’s a little preview…


Cover and Book Blurb:

Wave Runners

In Western Lasniniar, a new power is rising.

Far to the east, the Sea Elves hear its siren call. But when an expedition led by Feoras goes missing, it fills them with a growing sense of unease.

What darkness lurks beneath the surface?

Iarion and Barlo are about to find out.

This epic fantasy novel is the sequel to Storm Rider from the World of Lasniniar series, and includes an excerpt of Kinslayer. (Forthcoming.)


Maps of New Areas:

(Click to view full size.)

map_NW lasniniar webmap_western lasniniar web


Legends of Lasniniar

Close Quarters (Released April 15)

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There’s nothing like a crisis to bring strangers together.

Narilga’s brother has gone missing again, and it’s up to her to find him. This time, the task proves more difficult than usual. Dwarvenhome is a vast city, and not every chamber beneath the mountain is safe.

She soon realizes she has little chance of succeeding on her own, but a chance encounter with a young dwarf named Barlo changes everything.

This 7,700 word fantasy novelette adventure takes place before Legacy Hunter in The World of Lasniniar Series.


Her Rightful Place (Released May 15)

Amazon | Smashwords


Arinmalia has always known she is destined for great things. It’s hardly her fault her fellow Wild Elves don’t share her vision…

Just when she begins to think no one will ever understand her, a journey beyond the borders of her forest home sets the wheels of fate in motion and changes everything.

This 8,600 word dark fantasy novelette takes place in the realm of Ralvaniar, a few years before Light Chasers from the World of Lasniniar series.


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