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A Lasniniar Reading Guide

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So now that I’ve been putting out a new Lasniniar adventure every month for almost a year, I’ve got quite a few titles on my hands. I usually have to take a bit of time before starting each one to figure out when the story takes place in the whole scheme of things—who’s alive, who’s dead, etc. I realize the quantity of titles in this world might seem intimidating, so I thought this might be a good place to sort everything out.


The World of Lasniniar Series

These books are numbered, so it’s not rocket science, but I know the whole prequel thing can throw people off. Here’s what we have so far:


Light Chasers (Book 0)

Legacy Hunter (Book 0.75)

Soul Seeker (Book 1)

Shadow Stalker (Book 1.5)

Storm Rider (Book 2)

Bond Forger (Book 2.5)

Wave Runners (Book 3)


When people ask me where they should start, I tend to weird them out by giving a vague response. This is because the order I’ve written the books in is sometimes not the same as the chronological order they take place. (Confusing, I know. My brain works in mysterious/nonlinear ways.)


Soul Seeker is the first book I wrote in the series, so in my mind, it’s the place to start because everything radiates outward from that point. But I know many people like to read things in order, which is understandable (not to mention logical). Whether you start with Light Chasers or Soul Seeker, I definitely recommend reading all the previous numbered titles before starting Storm Rider, since it ties them all together.



Legends of Lasniniar (LoL)

These are shorter adventures that take place during various points in time. They are for readers who are already familiar with the World of Lasniniar and its characters. I would recommend reading the numbered books in the series first to avoid getting completely lost.


If you’re someone who likes to read everything in order, here is a listing of all the titles released so far and the numbered books of the series, so you can see how they all fit together from a chronological standpoint. Bear in mind, there are still a few more LoL titles to come:


LoL: Possession

LoL: The Vow (Some overlap with Light Chasers)

LoL: Her Rightful Place (Some overlap with Light Chasers)

Light Chasers (Book 0)

LoL: Shipwrecked

LoL: The Bearded Ones

LoL: Trial by Fire

LoL: The Wild Side

LoL: Close Quarters

Legacy Hunter (Book 0.75)

LoL: A Close Shave

LoL: A Deadly Wind

Soul Seeker (Book 1)

LoL: Without Wings (Some overlap with Soul Seeker)

Shadow Stalker (Book 1.5)

LoL: What the Cat Dragged In (Between prologue and first chapter of Storm Rider)

LoL: Mum’s the Word (Between prologue and first chapter of Storm Rider)

LoL: A Solstice Tale (Between prologue and first chapter of Storm Rider)

Storm Rider (Book 2)

LoL: Lady Justice

Bond Forger (Book 2.5)

Wave Runners (Book 3)

LoL: A New Kind of Magic


I’ll try to keep this list updated as more titles are released.


Wave Runners

Wave Runners will be coming out later this month. As a numbered part of the World of Lasniniar Series, it refers to characters and events from the previous books, but it also makes several references to one of the Legends of Lasniniar adventures:


Mum’s the Word


Of course, you don’t have to read Mum’s the Word before reading Wave Runners, but it would probably help, if you don’t want to feel like you’re missing something. 😉


Hope this helps. As always, if you have any questions, let me know!


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