The Meaning of Success


Following your dream isn’t always an easy road. Anyone who’s tried it will tell you it usually involves a lot of hard work, difficult decisions, and some sacrifice.


The road often isn’t a short one, either. It can be filled with dead ends and detours, forcing you to backtrack, or find another route. Sure, there are shortcuts, but they usually don’t end up where you wanted to go in the first place.


So if success is the ultimate destination, how do we know when we’ve arrived? This might seem like a simple question, but with all the winding pathways, I’ve found it’s easy to get lost. Here are just a few of the obstacles that can get in the way: Continue reading

The Comparison Trap


“Why am I not as successful as [insert name here]?”


I think pretty much everyone has asked themselves this question at one time or another. You bust your butt trying to get ahead, but somehow, it doesn’t get you as far as you want to go. Then this little voice inside starts complaining about the unfairness of it all. Hard work should pay off, right?


Problem is, success doesn’t always show up when you want it to. It can really take its sweet-ass time. This is usually when we slip into one of the two comparison trap types: Continue reading

Just do it already!


I don’t know about you, but I can think of several times when I’ve been caught up in the trap of working around a big project instead of sucking it up and attacking it directly. I’ll find all kinds of minor, supporting tasks to work on and focus on them, rather than doing what I know I should be doing. This way, I can trick myself into thinking I’m being productive. It also allows my big project to remain perfect, because it doesn’t exist beyond the idealized version in my mind.


Whenever I feel myself backsliding into this habit, I try to remember a conversation I had once on my first day of work at a certain bookstore with a certain co-worker. Let’s call him ‘Binder Guy’. (You’ll see why in a minute.)


Anyway, here’s the gist of how the conversation went: Continue reading

Are you a multi-class hero?


When I grow up…


When you’re a kid, people always ask what you want to be when you grow up. And of course, kids give the craziest answers because they really have no idea yet. I can remember telling my parents one day that I wanted to be a doctor in the morning, a super hero in the afternoon, and a ballerina at night. When they asked me again the next day, I had already changed my answer. Continue reading

I Want to See Other Books: When to break up with an idea and move on


The Vicious Cycle:


You get an idea that gets you really excited. You run with it, fleshing it out and turning it into a long term plan. But as you start to actually work on it, you feel yourself losing momentum. At first, you just push through, but eventually you find yourself wondering whether it was such a good idea in the first place. Continue reading

When Dreams Take a Detour

Even Xena had to balance questing with things like fishing and horse grooming. :P

The Journey


It all starts with a dream. You have an epiphany of what you want to do with your life and you throw yourself at it, full throttle. Of course, real life starts to creep in, and you find yourself pulling back to focus on mundane things (like being able to pay your bills), but you never give up.


For years, you chip away at your dream in your spare time. Then after one final push, you’re there. You’ve broken through. For one brief, shining moment, you’re on top of the world. Continue reading