Jacquelyn Smith

Fatal Empire

Welcome to the Fatal Empire saga—a fantasy intrigue project that will be released as a series of four novellas:

  • Keeper of Secrets
  • Keeper of Wisdom (Forthcoming)
  • Keeper of Knowledge (Forthcoming)
  • Keeper of Justice (Forthcoming)

About Fatal Empire

These books follow the journey of Raziel as he learns his secret heritage, and tries to navigate the treacherous politics of the Dharakmeni Empire.

If you’re a fan of my Lasniniar Series, you’ll find that these books have a different feel. They are written in first person, and have a more serious tone. The empire is a human domain, and its citizens have very little interaction with other races, aside from a few elves. Magic is forbidden to those not sworn into perpetual slavery to a noble house, and is only practiced in secret.

Basically, Fatal Empire is intrigue oriented, while the Lasniniar series is more adventure oriented.

Why split the project into four novellas?

I’ve been working on this project off and on for a few years now. I’ve been sitting on Part One for a while. As long as it remained one long project, it was too intimidating for me to consider finishing it. (Writing first-person narration doesn’t come easily to me, but I enjoy the challenge of it, as well as the end result.)

Splitting Fatal Empire into four parts makes it more manageable for me to complete, and will likely prompt me to finish it faster than I would have if I had left it as one piece, collecting cobwebs on my computer.

When are the other books coming out?

The entire quartet has already been plotted, and I plan to work on each new part between other projects. This means I have no hard dates, but will put each new novella out as soon as I can.

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