Storm Rider extended excerpt now available!


I’m currently working on the final formatting of Storm Rider for the major ebook retailers and the paperback version, but if you want to get a feel for the latest Lasniniar novel before it comes out, I’ve added a couple of excerpts to this site.


The prologue (which was included as a teaser at the end of Light Chasers), can be read on the excerpts page, and you can now download the prologue, plus the first two chapters in ebook form, and read them on your device by clicking here. The download is a zip file that includes the extended excerpt in the following formats:


  • mobi: Works for Kindle devices and Kindle for PC/Mac
  • ePub: Works for the Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, Apple devices, etc.
  • PDF: Best for reading on your computer


New to the Lasniniar series?


I’ve added a few tools to the beginning of Storm Rider to refresh the memory of those who have read the previous books, but I really recommend you read the other books first. Most of the characters from Storm Rider are introduced in the earlier Lasniniar books, and the plot of Storm Rider ties in to the earlier books as well.


People often ask me which book to read first. Soul Seeker is the first book I wrote in this series, but Light Chasers is what comes first from a chronological standpoint. I’m partial to starting with Soul Seeker, since that’s where I started writing, but you could really start with Light Chasers, Legacy Hunter, or Soul Seeker, depending on how you want to attack it.


Here’s some info that might help you decide: Continue reading